Nick Oneill Art

Nick is a British artist who specialises in contemporary marine art. Growing up among a family of divers, his passion for the sea grew during holidays to destinations by the Red Sea, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Nick's first diving adventures took place at an early age, allowing him to experience first hand the vibrancy and amazing textures of the magnificent fish. Although he had been snorkeling for years already, learning to scuba dive at age 11 allowed Nick to experience the unique effects of light streaming through water and the changes in colours when in deep water.

Nick's experience and artistic talent allowed him to develop a unique style of painting, which combines the technique of using pure colour on a dark background, vibrant colours and a variety of painting tools . This combination gives his work a three dimensional and lifelike appearance while keeping his pieces instantly recognisable as a Nick Oneill original .

Nick now spends a lot of time in the Cayman Islands, Diving and snorkeling with his favourite subject .

Nick's stunning works have been highly acclaimed by collectors and the Press, appearing in Sport Diver magazine , Marlin , Crest magazine and has been selected as a finalist in the International Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition every year since 2010 and winning the "into the Blue" category in 2016 .

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